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Time and technology have moved on and in this future, machines who once ran most of our planet have long ceased to function and nature has once again reclaimed our world.

Long forgotten and hidden in a cold dark cave Little Robot is discovered.

The animals are very frightened when they find him. The cold dark cave was dry and hidden so he is just about as perfect as the day he was hidden. A few bits of him are missing.

He remembers nothing about who he is or how long he has been asleep for and he is in need of a lot of help. Bits of him need to be found and repaired and he is happy to get help from some very little creatures with very big hearts. How will they help fix him and how does he fit into a world that has left him behind. How do you understand who you are when you cannot remember where you came from and how do you feel when you realise that what you once were could have been the very thing that had harmed the world of your new friends. With his new friends he may be able to understand his past, but most importantly help them to shape their future.


Titles: 1

Target: 3 years and up

Format: 226 x 268 mm

Pages: 36 full-color-throughout

Binding: Paperback / Hardback


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