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Your body, from head to toe
The family, from youngest to oldest
Feelings, from sadness to happiness
Fear, from fear to courage
Friendship, from your old friends to your new friends
Boys and girls of the world, from one end to the other

FROM... TO...

This attractively illustrated series encourage younger children to think about their own body, their family and to explore their emotions to understand themselves as a part of the growing up process. When families move from one neighborhood to another, it is often a difficult experience for younger boys and girls. Also kids realize that fear is a natural reaction to the unknown that can be overcome with understanding and a little help from others. The last book in this series helps bring the lifestyles alive, showing how kids around the world are very different and yet are also very much alike. A two-page section at the back of each book offers guidelines and discussion points for parents and teachers.


Titles: 6

Target: 3 years and up

Format: 240 x 240 mm

Pages: 36 full-color throughout

Binding: Paperback / Hardback


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